Masonic Education & Ritual

This is Where Freemasonry Comes To Life (with Degree Ceremony)…

  • …with the History, art & pageantry of our Ritual
  • Each degree ceremony tells a tale about life
  • Morality & Ethics
  • Maturity in life, greater knowledge & wisdom
  • Our obligation binds Freemasons together
  • This bond provides common ground
  • Strong lifelong relationships form

Personal Development Awaits…

  • Ceremonies provide understanding Masonic philosophy
  • Every object & every word has symbolic significance
  • Search for knowledge stimulates the mind
  • Leads to understanding yourself
  • Performing Ritual leads to greater self confidence

Your Learning, But Not Alone…

  • Mentors will be available to guide you on your journey
  • Use this opportunity to improve yourself
  • Apply Masonic teachings in your day-to-day life
  • Strive for deeper understanding of yourself & others
  • Masonic teachings lead to greater personal discovery
  • Build rich meaningful relationships
  • Commit to service of those around you

Go Further with the College of Freemasonry…

  • Learning through educational modules
  • Philosophy
  • Symbolism
  • Esoteric Studies (understanding the inner meaning)
  • Leadership
  • Protocol & Etiquette
  • Four certificated courses, and much more
  • See the website of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario for more details on how to learn more about becoming a Mason and developing as a Mason.