Community Action

Charity is not the main objective of Freemasonry, but it does awaken a latent, generous spirit within us and, once awakened, the Mason better understands his duties to himself, his family, and his society.

The Trafalgar Lodge No. 712 is a very active community supporter and has been since it’s establishment in 1965.

EVERY community action and event completed by our Lodge occurs specifically to elevate the community through charitable means.

From Charitable Work Outside The Lodge …

  • Student bursaries
  • Local hospitals
  • Area hospice
  • Food Banks ($$ – food)
  • Christmas toy drives and gift giving events
  • So much more!

To Community Outreach

  • Take part in community festivals & celebrations
  • Sponsor youth teams & clubs
  • Join “Open Doors” events to showcase Masonic home
  • Support local charities