Masons represent all races, occupations, faiths, ages, diverse ideologies, and stations in life, yet within our Fraternity, we are all equal.

Your Masonic Journey and the life-long friendships that come from it begins here:

Getting to Know One Another…

  • Begins prior to receiving an application
  • This process is important to you & the Lodge
  • We wish to learn more about you & you about us
  • You are obligated to earn our trust
  • We must earn your trust
  • Learn about Lodge culture, each Lodge is unique
  • Meeting for coffee & casual conversation
  • Invited to a pre-Lodge meal to meet members
  • You & your partner are invited to Lodge social events

Initiatory Process…

  • Every man is initiated into Freemasonry in same manner
  • Consists of Three ceremonial stages known as “degrees”
  • Our ceremonies are dignified & inspirational
  • Degrees symbolically represent human development
    • Youth, manhood & age
  • It takes an hour to make a member…
  • It takes a lifetime to make a Mason

Benevolence Within The Lodge…

  • Brother Helping Brother
  • Looking after one another:
    • Covid-19 has reminded us of this obligation
    • Picking up groceries or medication
    • Running errands
    • Staying in touch